Email Marketing Best Practices

rocketEmail Marketing Best Practices to increase your return on investment.  Some statistics will show that email is almost 40 times more effective in helping your business acquire new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

So what are some Email Marketing Best Practices:


Subscriber Acquisition

  • Offer a “carrot” in exchange for the email address, and this “carrot” may be a free ebook or online resource, a coupon, or a special discount. 72% of consumers say they sign up for emails because they want to get discounts or coupons , and coupon codes or discounts are the best way to acquire new email subscribers.

Subscriber Segmentation

  • Have a well targeted list, segment your list into categories.  Each segment should get email content that is tailored to that category.  What are the categories? Well you could start with: long term existing vs new customers, prospects, geography area, industry area, target product or service line….
  • Having a well targeted list also keeps you from doing a “shot gun” approach thus keeping your costs down and your ROI up.

Create a Habit Before Making a Sale

  • The most expertly crafted email marketing message will be ineffective if your email is never opened. A good headline can increase your open rate, but the best way to get your marketing messages read is to help the prospect build a habit of opening your emails long before you ever attempt to make a sale. You do this by creating value in your emails before you attempt to make the sale.
  • So use coupons or an opt-in bonus  or offer a free resource maybe an Ebook, video, checklist.  BUT, whatever offer  must add value to the reader.

The Importance of Strategy

There is some 250 plus million emails are sent every single day , and emails sent without a consistent plan or strategy simply can’t compete for the overtaxed inbox space of your subscribers.

There are plenty of articles on the web addressing this topic.  So much that you can get “lost” in the research.   Start will a small list, with a strategy, and then test & measure!

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