Email marketing boost business?

Email marketing boost business?

Well from the data it certainly can. More importantly, it looks to be more cost effective that some alternatives.  Can email marketing boost business? How about  a 4000% ROI.  Of course the key is actual SALES!  Does it result  in more money to your business.   You will not know until you test and measure.Email marketing boost business

Another survey said that over 50% of US digital shoppers will purchase more items after receiving personalize emails.   You should attempt a variety of formats:

  • Promotional (Discount)
  • New Arrival or Hot Items
  • Newsletters
  • Holiday and Special Occasions
  • “We Miss You”
  • Product or Service “Tips”

Just a few of the email types you should work on.  It is all about the Right Content to the Right Audience.  You are telling a Story, your story.  So work on it.

So what is your Return on Investment (ROI)?  You should calculate what it could be prior to starting a campaign and then measure your results.    Here is one example online ROI Calculator

Remember SPAM laws! You must be using Permission-Based emails.

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