Set Your Compass for 2017

Set Your Compass for 2017Set Your Compass for 2017   I know, I know…it’s January and everybody is setting new year’s resolutions goals.  Most of those resolutions are shall we say generic or shallow.  And here’s the thing…statistics show that only 8% of people who set these actually achieve their goals.   Wow…pretty inspiring right…not!

There are plenty of models for actually setting goals, like specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (“SMART” goals). In order to set SMART goals you do need to do some thinking, reflection and some dreaming.

Take a few moments to Set Your Compass for 2017  with a simple exercise (2016-2017 Set-Your-Compass-Tool)

Enjoy…and let me know if helps or if you are “stuck.”

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