So how do you manage your tasks?

 So how do you manage your tasks? focusSo how do you manage your tasks?  I bet you attempt to keep some kind of to-do list or task list.  The thing is how do you prevent things from “slipping through the cracks.”

Some of us (maybe me) are very organized and expect everyone else to follow suit.  Yet some of us (okay, likely me)  kinda “wing-it” and strive to make everything happen.   Back in the day I  used the old pad and paper route.  Then I got hooked on technology.  You know that thing called the personal computer.  But you couldn’t take that PC with you (see how old I am).     Then came the “inter-web” and all kinds of magic started to take place.  Smart Phones, Smart Tablets… We are “connected” 24/7.  Thus the trust pad and paper is so….”obsolete?”

Yes I love and recommend technology.  And always when I engage with small business, I am asking and looking for how they stay on track.

Personally I have been a user of Outlook® for a long,long, time.  And I use Google© stuff.   Both of these “sort of” have task management functions.  Yet…that’s not there strength.   I use Evernote® and Microsoft’s OneNote®.  They are great in saving and recalling notes and the like.  Yet again, for “project management” (fancy name for task management) they lack (in my mind).     I’ve dabbled with plenty.  Key for me is price as in low cost.  Hey I’m a small business.


So how do you manage your tasks?

So how do you manage your tasks? ToodledoRecently I began using (again) Toodledo®  

So besides the price, as in you can get started for FREE, the service has a lot going for it.

Manage your tasks, keep notes, keep lists, track your personal habits.   I’m using the mobile app and the web version.  I even have tasks syncing with my Outlook although that is using a separate 3rd party app.

So what or how are you managing your tasks?   Love to hear your feedback.  And your thoughts about Toodledo.

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